The rabbit and the fox

In the last couple years each spring and late summer mother rabbits (does) are drawn to my plush cut high front lawn.  The tail signs are random bare spots over night and then some fresh dirt and maybe some fur.  

This year I wanted to capture what happens after the mother rabbit has her spring young.  I picked up a Reolink Argus Pro and installed it on a stake not to far from the nest.  In my research, I found rabbits are quite different then other mammals and will leave the nest and visit daily to feed the young and move on not to bring attention to the nest.  

The night after I installed the camera she came back around 9:30pm and checked on them and didn’t see her for a day or so.  

I have only saw three foxes in wild and can remember where because you just don’t see them often.  So when I woke this morning on May 20th to find a bushy fox tail on my camera I was surprised and saddened at the same time.  

The way nature naturally takes care of itself is fascinating and can easily be understood.  If their were no foxes, we would have to many rabbits, to many rabbits not enough food in the chain.

I will keep the camera up for the next couple days to see if mom comes back or we have any survivors.  I investigated this Morning from a distance and saw most of the nest had been removed.  

So far in the last ten years I have seen turkey, deer, foxes, hawks, eagles, and much more in my suburban neighborhood 20 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, PA.


Revamp of

So, I decided to spend some time on my personal domain after I received a notice from now ionos  that they would be charging me 8.95 a month for extended support of php 5.6.  

I upgrade to php 7.2 and my old php code did not work and moving on I decided to use WordPress and shutdown my old web app projects (myvitstats and mymiles) and archive them for later when I might want to dabble again in php and mysql.  

If you are looking for these web apps that we’re here and I apologize but my focus is on other language such as python and ansible and automation with the datacenter. 

The plan for the  site is gather my thoughts and share my experiences here, because I don’t use facebook since (2009) and only just became a twitter user in Feb 2019. Enough so far, getting back to work.